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Monday, 21 September 2020

The Last Lesson Important Questions Class 12 Flamingo | Alphose Daudet

Shahnawaz Hussain
Some Important Word to Describe Sentence
1. Blacksmith-person who make iron tools
2.Blushed-became pink
5.Enslaved-maid slave
6.Scratching-sound of pencil and paper
7.Hopvine-vine of hope plant
8.Trempets-wind instrument
10.Vive La France-long live France
Important Question For Board Exam
1. How did franz's feeling about M.Hamel and school change?
Ans.Franz now felt extremely sad for M.Hamel.He forget all about his rod and his Cranky nature M.Hamel become a symbol of courage strength and partriotism for them.
2.Franz Think's "will they make them sing in German even the pigeons" what could this mean?
Ans. It means that the Germans kud enslave the French but they couldn't take away their love of the French language. it was in there blood and Could not be finished as long as they were alive.
3. "What a thunder clap there  words were to me" which were the words that shocked and surprised little Franz?
Ans. The words that surprised little Frenz were uttered by M.Hamel that this was to be their last franchise lesson as an order had come from berlin that henceforth only German was to be taught in schools of Alsace And Lorraine. The new teachers was to arrive the following day.
4. What did M.Hamel tell them about the French language what did he ask them to do and why?
Ans.M.Hamel told them that French was the most beautiful language in the world the clearest the most logical it must be guarded by its people and never forgetten when people are made slave deck and liberate themselves if they keep the language with them.Their language would be the key to their prison.
5. What was the order from Berlin and what changes did it cause in the school?
Ans. The order from Berlin was that only German was to be taught in the school of Alsace And Lorraine. A new master would be joining the next day.Mr M.Hamel delivered his last lesson of French we had put on he is best cloth the village elders were present at the back of the classroom. All had come to pay their homage to their mother tongue and show their gratitude to the teacher.