Saturday, 2 January 2021

Can I Watch my own Video On Youtube?


You Can Watch your Own Video, It count as a view. But If you do this again and again within a short peroid of time. Youtube will stop Incresing Your View Count.If we Watch The same Video Several Time only one view will be counted because cookies in our Computer Or Device will consider us the same User.



Each Video You can Make gets the minimum amount of view needed and was Watched all the way.We Call these View PURE VIEW because this assumes that they were watched in their entrity.

Older Videos can Increase in view Randomly and Constently through the Year, So since this Maths would be Complicated, We Are not taking about that.

1.We know that 4000 hr watching at 240000 min.  

2.Youtube Prefer You Have to make 10 min long Video.         

3.2400 Videos at 10 min this is Posible getting 1 view.       

 4.240 Videos at 10 min long getting 100 view.               

This means 1 video every 1.5 days or Roughly 5 videos in a Week


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